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Avenue Dental Plan partners with select providers who share our vision of delivering high-quality dental treatments, so members can get the care they need when they need it, at an affordable price.


We’re dentists ourselves, so we understand the challenges of getting treatment covered by insurance companies, not only for patients, but for dentists as well. With Avenue Dental Plan, you’ll get up-front payments, new patients, and more resources to care for them without having to constantly chase insurance companies for reimbursement.


“Say goodbye to time-consuming claims, lengthy preauthorizations, and other headaches from third party insurance companies.”

When you join our network you will gain:

  • More patients through our growing membership of small businesses, groups, families, and individuals
  • Increased patient retention
  • Fee for service payments
  • No more hassle filing insurance claims
  • More time to handle other responsibilities
  • More same-day treatment opportunities
  • Support from our Customer Service Agents, streamlining integration
  • Increased advertising and visibility from Avenue Dental Plan

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